Anonymous sent: I think after the OVA episode of Attack On Titan, you can stop shipping Levi and Hanji. He shoves her away and stares at her in disgust. That doesn't strike me as love.



1) “Stares at her in disgust?” Is this unusual? Let me introduce you to every facial expression Levi has ever had:


2) Levi literally beats the shit out of Eren and it hasn’t stopped hoards of folk dedicating their shipper hearts to Levi x Eren. 

3) People who dig each others vibes are not immune to arguments and disagreements and being incredibly frustrated by each other. 

3) Life is short and full of pain (kind of like Levi), so let everyone fantasize about whatever fictional pairings they want.

Also this is not canon and even if it were, it happened way back. You know whats going on now? Chapter 52, Levi and Hange living together protecting their squads, making all the Recon Corps decisions, knitting Christmas sweaters, keeping Levi out of the kitchen, cleaning under the table, being married, etc

Anonymous sent: Ever thought what your future child might look like? :)


I can’t wait for class to start because I need something to distract me. I’m feeling so anxious.


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